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Info : Cara Menjadi Pemandu Wisata Yang Baik

Ingin menjadi Pemandu Wisata yang berhasil. , Bekerja di  dalam ruangan, dan duduk berhadapan dengan meja serta tumpukan buku atau pun ber...

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Info : Burger portion of 'Monster' at the carnivore restaurant

Jumat, 15 Juli 2016

If you foodies burgers, certainly will not miss this one culinary burger. If you've never tried a double burger or a burger with a jumbo size, then this one burger will make you intoxicated. Let's stop at the carnivore restaurant in Bandung.

Burger menu mainstay at carnivore restaurant located at 127 Riau, Bandung was not kidding. Just imagine, a burger called 'Meat Tower' has a height of approximately 25-30 cm, with a total of up to 1 kg of meat. Wow!

Meat Tower contains five stacks of beef, each weight is 200 grams, with added vegetables such as lettuce, tomatoes, onions and cucumbers in each layer of the meat. Not only vegetables, each layer of the meat was smeared with barbecue sauce and mayonnaise are yummy, then covered with two pieces of bread on top and bottom.
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