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Info : Cara Menjadi Pemandu Wisata Yang Baik

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Info : Bali Traditional Salt

Jumat, 15 Juli 2016

Traditional salt produced by farmers in the village Kusamba salt, Dawan sub district, Klungkung - Bali, indeed uniquely processed from seawater according heritage, salt crystals produced from sea water produces high quality salt, lots of restaurant and lovers culinary deliberately to wear and consume salt Kusamba because delicacy and benefits for the human body. In fact, because the quality is to be exported abroad.

Traditional salt in Kusamba BaliPantai Kusamba has beautiful beaches and black sand, the atmosphere was rather quiet, only occasionally some fishermen and farmers will go to sea salt, which took the sea water to extract the salt, located just a few hundred meters away from the attractions of Goa Lawah in Klungkung track - Karangasem, from Denpasar approximately 1.5 hours with the vehicle. Its location on the edge of the highway, so that by the time the tour traveling quite easy to get to see a visit and see the process of making this traditional salt.

Making salt at this Kusamba rely, scorching sun for salt efflorescence, still using traditional tools, which rely on the forces of nature, this is still a unique way and conventional, certainly for tourists is interesting to note, that Kusamba used as tourist attractions and visit while doing perjalanana alternative tour to the East.

So the main challenge is the time-during the rainy season, the other challenges too many salts that come from outside the island who enliven the market competition, which is widely marketing with attractive packaging yan throughout Bali. So until now the salt farmers here are turning propesi become farm laborers, construction, fishing or rock collectors brush, a provider of marine transportation with a fast boat or fast boat from Kusamba to Nusa Penida. Likewise, other salt-making centers in Bali such as the village of Amed Tianyar and shrinking.
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